A bit about me


Maintain a positive attitude

As an independent professional, I often carry a number of responsibilities. As stressed out or overwhelmed as I may feel, it’s important for me to show a positive face to my clients. Exude the energy and confidence that I want my clients to feel about my work. Enthusiasm and zeal are attractive personality traits that I possess and that people enjoy being around and that clients enjoy working with.

Focus on having exceptional communication

Timely and efficient communication, being available to demonstrate that my client’s project and satisfaction are important are a priority for me. In addition to timely and thorough communication, I make my clients feel comfortable being open and honest with me. They feel that their ideas and concerns will be taken seriously.

Being open

In order to build a strong and lasting relationship with my clients, they must be able to trust and rely on me as an expert. That’s why I maintain a policy of openness when it comes to my professional opinions and point of view regarding the best interests of the project. It can be tempting to want to appear agreeable and avoid uncomfortable confrontation by telling my clients what I think they want to hear or withholding my true opinion about their project. By confidently expressing my honest opinions, clients respect my initiative and desire for excellence.

Willingness to do more

I am responsible for any shortcomings made by my staff. I am capable of being in charge of micromanaging, delegating tasks, ensuring adequate and satisfactory work output, I know that I have an obligation to pick up the slack when my team is underperforming, and I am not afraid to put in some hard work when it is called for.

Ability to adapt and adjust

Everything doesn’t always go as planned. In fact, most of the time I can count on there being some deviation from the original blueprint, especially in the construction world where there are so many variables to consider. I am a proficient company director able to adapt to changes in my industry and quickly make adjustments to operations if need be. I am flexible to accept or facilitate change.

Diligence and persistence

Diligence is the drive to work hard at whatever I am focusing on, and persistence is the drive to continue working when things get tough. Both of these traits are needed in tandem – diligence without persistence will not put you ahead of challenges, and persistence without diligence will have you working harder but not smarter. I have both in abundance.

Creativity and innovation

Solutions to construction problems/challenges are not always obvious, straightforward, or easy to implement, Sometimes I’ll have to think outside of the box and do some creative manoeuvring in order to escape the revolving door of failure or pressures. As an innovative director, I keep formulating new ways of service offerings and going above and beyond the efforts of the competition to impress and satisfy every of our clients.

Adept learning and researching skills

No one starts out knowing everything, which is why the ability to proficiently research and learn about new topics and concepts is such an important attribute for me to have. Running a company is much easier when you’re able to assimilate and retain information on a consistent basis.

Keen observation is vital

One of my jobs is to supervise the tasks and actions of employees. Furthermore, I am able to effectively analyze the results of employee actions and take notice of any shortcomings that could be detrimentally affecting overall productivity. I have the ability to see in others the talents and encourage-direct-focus them to use it.

A competitive drive

In the construction industry there is competition to consider, I have a competitive drive that allow me to focus in my goals. My strong competitive drive make me more productive and take my job more seriously, thereby leading to greater levels of success.

Communication skills

When it comes to keeping clients happy and keeping employee morale high, my skills communication are the most important factor. I am attentive, friendly, well-spoken, and easy to contact. I understand in many cases good communication skills are the only trait that will retain a client or motivate an employee in times of hardship.

Effective leadership qualities

While this trait may seem like an obvious prerequisite for anyone in charge of running a business, you’d be surprised at how many directors fail to take their company by the reigns. An effective leader is assertive yet considerate, passionate yet logical, persuasive, and inspiring.

Kindness and strong ethics

A little bit of kindness goes a long way in the business world, especially when you’re dealing with disgruntled employees and/or clients. Having a strong sense of ethics enables me to treat people with respect, and in turn that respect is given back, and to avoid animosity and hostility in the workplace, both of which can greatly hinder collaborative efforts.

Others skills/ characteristics

Building teams, working with teams; My mission is to be a Dragon, a pioneer, an initiator and to be The Glue (the conciliator) when the team is getting apart. I am equipped with faith, enthusiasm, positivism, emotions, the strength to start over no matter how many times I fall, the push, patience, respect, humbleness, honesty, simplicity, the ability to work mind / heart in one , the speed, the agility, I have good physical condition and good habits, the visionary capacity for business, the capacity to accept my mistakes and correct them, firmness, the love and passion for the Team, the conciliation, the structure, the procedures, fearless to the risk, the vision, the constant motivation in spite of, solve-problem, responsible, kindness, tenderness, I promote the dialogue and the communication. I prioritize, I keep the balance, I am committed, I have Integrity. I do not procrastinate, I am multitask. My gasoline is the challenges/adversity.