Mentoring the younger generation of construction professionals

1. Lack of Skilled Workers
There is a big problem facing the construction industry: not enough skilled workers to fill a growing demand. The younger generation is being pushed toward college, and not vocational trades. The benefits of a career in construction are not being sold to millennials, and much of today’s existing workforce is closing in on retirement. There are things that I do as a business owner to help: Be a Mentor: During summer months, high school students and recent college grads are looking for work. I frequently introduce our industry to someone who may not have considered construction as a career. Mentorship also works for existing skilled labor; if one of our best workers has showed an interest in the business side of construction, I mentor an already skilled worker on the ins and outs of construction project management or construction business ownership. I love promote people.

2. Lack of Communication
When things go wrong on a project, it is almost always due to a communication breakdown along the way. Technology is the answer to our communication problems. We use email, text messages, and construction technology apps on a project to get information instantaneously to all people on the project in real time and reduce the slowdowns and speed bumps of a communication breakdown.

3. Unreliable Subcontractors
Many contractors have problems finding reliable subs for their jobs. What we do, it is check with the materials suppliers and vendors that we work with regularly. They have the inside scoop, and have a great recommendation for a sub. We also ask other subcontractors that we have worked with for a recommendation, too. We always check a sub’s licenses, make sure they carry WSIB clearance, general liability insurance, and list our company as additional insured on their insurance before we hire them. We constantly evaluate all our subs, and update our database accordingly.

4. Scheduling
Scheduling can be tricky for even the most seasoned construction professional. Once again, construction technology is providing a solution for this common problem. We use MS Project as our primary project and construction scheduling method that allow us to visually map out a project timeline. Critical tasks and deliverables are tagged and monitored as key to project success. We work closely with the client to determine and incorporate the impact of long delivery items into the schedule, and propose alternative products, phasing or pre-purchases that may alleviate the schedule pressure or manage it to effective resolution.

5. Lack of proper organization
The construction project management has the mandate to make decisions and procurement processes which should fit the schedule of the project plan. However, having a management that is not able to cope with the speed and scale of demand, it may be a big problem for the project’s success. We, as the construction project management team, have proper management skills that ensure the success of the project according to the schedule whether it’s a new construction, renovation, or simply a service call for all your retail projects.